Steadycross G2 - for Cameras up to 6lbs/2700g

G2 - Latest Model - up to 6lbs/2700g


With the G2 we introduce a new generation of SteadyCross Magnetic 3-axis Camera Gimbals.
Main developments include easily foldable arms,
an adjustable magnetic pan rotor and an integrated X/Y balancer head that supports cameras up to 6lbs/2700g.


SteadyCross is easy to set up, learn and use, while it offers a highly efficient camera stabilization without the necessary maintenance of electronics or batteries.


What's new in Generation 2.0?

- Higher payload capacity: 6 lbs / 2700g 

- Easily foldable arms for better portability

- Adjustable magnetic pan rotor

- Integrated X/Y balancer head for easier setup

- Re-designed roll module for softer damping

- Stronger legs for better tripod stability

- Improved handle bars for easier tilts