What are the advantages of SteadyCross?

Unlike traditional stabilizers, SteadyCross is an easy-to-use equipment, while the twin-grip design makes it easier to carry around.

Compared with gimbals, SteadyCross doesn’t have any motors or batteries, which means you can rely on it under any circumstance.

In addition, brushless gimbals tend to add a certain robotic feel to your shots, while SteadyCross gives you natural movements and total control.

SteadyCross will work properly with your camera setup if it weighs less than the maximum recommended payload capacity of the rig (6lbs/2700g) and you don’t attach large accessories that significantly change the camera's dimensions.


SteadyCross has been tested with various cameras & lenses by professionals worldwide.

Will my camera work with SteadyCross?

How long does it take to balance SteadyCross?

Balancing will take a few minutes for an experienced user.


If you’re a first timer though, we recommend you take your time, experiment and play with your rig for a while in order to understand how its different settings work and how they affect each other.


Make sure you watch the step by step setup and balancing video before you try balancing it for the first time!

No. There are neodymium magnets in the rotor, which are the strongest permanent magnets. If they are not overheated or physically damaged, they lose 1% of strength over 10 years.


The first SteadyCross prototypes are more than 2 years old, and they function exactly the same!

Will the Magnet Rotor lose it's efficiency over time?

Are the 3D printed parts strong enough?

Yes. When designed professionally, 3d printed parts can withstand the same pressure than injection moulded ones.


In addition, we use a special ABS compound  which is 65% more impact resistant than regular plastics!


Besides, the parts that bear most of the load and tension in the rig are made of stainless steel and aluminium.

Another advantage of 3D printing is that it reduces the carbon footprint in many aspects, including waste minimization, reduced logistics and lower transportation energy.

Furthermore, compared to motorized gimbals, SteadyCross doesn’t have any electronics or batteries which contain hazardous materials.


As a consequence, it doesn’t require any charging either, which will save quite a few dozen kilograms of CO2 over the years.

Is SteadyCross environmentally friendly?

How long before I make cinematic shots?

First, creating cinematic shots does not depend solely on the camera stabilizer, there are many factors to consider.


Secondly, SteadyCross is not a magic device, there is also some learning curve to it, but if used properly it will extremely improve the quality of your footage almost instantly!

If you’re located in the US or in the EU then you won't be charged for any extra fees.


However, customers outside the US and EU may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country once a shipment reaches the recipient's country and must be fulfilled by the recipient. We have no control over these charges.

Do I have to pay customs or VAT?